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The smart compact
bed cooler

Get a great sleep in almost any condition. Universal design that is both minimalistic and functional.

The Science of Cool Sleep

Extra body heat while you sleep leads to less restful sleep and may cause you to wake up during the night, interrupting your sleep cycles.

Our Technology

Bed Cooler is the perfect add-on to any bed which automatically cools you down at night, to help you get your best sleep.

Moving air

is cooling air

Regulating your temperature
helps you sleep better

Customer Reviews

“I have never slept better. I don’t have to freeze my husband out with open windows and fans blowing.”

-Cyndy M, Calgary, AB

“I haven’t slept this good in decades, now finally I look forward to a good night’s rest every single night.”

– Eric A, Saskatoon, SK

“This is a game changer.”

– Curtis K, Calgary, AB

Cleverly Compact

We are passionate about technology that fits your lifestyle, that’s why we designed the Bed Cooler at only 2.2 inches in depth, so that it won’t get in your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Bed Cooler fit my bed?

The Bed Cooler has been tested with most standard bedframe types.

Platform, Folding, Panel, Sleigh, Poster, Canopy, Murphy, Trundle, Adjustable, Standard, Santiago, Daybed, Bunk Bed & Storage Bed.

Bed Cooler may be attached directly to the blanket for the following types of beds: Futon, Pull-Out Sofa, & Convertible Sofa.

Is it easy to set up my Bed Cooler?

You can set up your Bed Cooler in 5 minutes or less, our simple App makes it easy and stress free

What if I am too cold?
Most people overheat hours after falling asleep. With the mobile app, you control the schedule and timing that your Bed Cooler runs, allowing you to alter the settings to your precise needs for different times of the year
Does the Bed Cooler cool the air?

Moving air is cooling air. As long as the ambient air temperature is below 30C/86F you will feel the cooling effect. Bed Cooler has an quiet fan that is powerful enough to create an air chamber that cools your entire body under the covers, but not so powerful as to wake you up or make you uncomfortably cold.

What is the Return Policy?

We have a hassle free 30 day return policy. If for some reason you are not happy with the unit, you can return it for a refund.

Do Bed Coolers come with a warranty?

For a period of one (3) year from the original date of purchase of this product, we will, repair or replace with a new or refurbished product or parts, any product or parts determined to be defective.

Will I have to change any filters?

No, there is no dust filter as it is not required for any current models.

How much noise does it make?
The Bed Cooler is whisper quiet, and under normal operation is between 15-35 db Here are some common sounds for comparison Normal Breathing: 10db Rustling Leaves: 20db Whispering: 30db Air Conditioning Unit: 40db Normal Conversation: 55db Dishwasher: 60db Vacuum Cleaner: 70db
Will it make my partner too cold?

If your partner doesn’t want to feel the effects of the Bed Cooler, simply mount the unit on your side of the bed rather than in the middle, this will mitigate exposure to the cooling effect created by the Bed Cooler.

What if my Bed Cooler is damaged when I receive it?

Customers will not be responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping. All damages due to shipping must be reported within 48 hours of receiving the unit in order to receive a replacement unit. Replacement units will be charged to customer’s credit card until the previous unit is received by the Bed Cooler service center.

Is it powerful enough to cool two people?
Yes it is, just mount your Bed Cooler around the center of the bed and adjust the unit through your smartphone for optimum results.
Is it durable, how long will it last?

Your Bed Cooler is designed to last for many years, the fan is rated for 60,000 hours of continuous use.

Can my pet(s) still sleep on the bed?

Bed Cooler is perfectly safe for your pet, just be sure you don’t mount your Bed Cooler right where your pet sleeps as they may block the airflow.

Is there any maintenance required?

No, just check your Bed Cooler every 3 months or so to ensure there is not a build up of dust or pet fur (if your pets like to sleep near your Bed Cooler).

What happens if the fan gets blocked by sheets?

Your Bed Cooler is designed with safety in mind. The fan will shut down automatically and will not restart if there is an obstruction such as a foreign object. The unit is designed to be used around bedding, just make sure the air input is not blocked.

Is it safe to be attached to my bed?

We have designed the Bed Cooler with safety in mind. It is completely safe to mount the Bed Cooler to your bed. It uses a very safe form of electricity, which is low voltage (12v).

Will I feel air blowing on me in the bed?
You will feel a soft cooling breeze as the Bed Cooler turns on. If you have an opening near the top of the sheets, you will feel the effect across your entire body. If you block off the airflow near your upper body, the airflow will be felt mostly near your feet and legs.
What kind of power does it use?

Bed Cooler runs from a 12v power supply that can be plugged in anywhere in the world, 110v and 220v plugins.

Will the Bed Cooler save me money on my utility bills?

Running a Bed Cooler will save significant money over running a traditional air conditioning system, or using a conventional oscillating fan plus deduces the majority of the noises these other units create. While dramatically reducing the use of air conditioning and ceiling fans normally used to cool a bedroom, this unit is conserving energy and cutting household costs. In fact these units can save enough energy cost to pay for themselves in 12 to 24 months.

Other Questions
If you have any other questions we have not answered, please email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.